The Oregon Coast

If you ever visit Oregon and decide to take a trip to the beach don’t waste your time on overpriced sunscreen and that ’30 day to a perfect beach body’ workout. Chances are the sun wont be out and you definitely wont need a swimsuit.

The Oregon coast is pretty darn cold. The breeze slowly increases and the skies remain gray. This isn’t meant to discourage you from going to the coast – simply prepare you. I promise you every minute at the Oregon Coast will be absolutely worth it.

There is something about escaping to coast that brings a sense of infinite moments of simplicity. All responsibilities and worries seem to be left back in the city.

Life is busy. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning with a million things to do but instead I get in my car and start driving. 9 times outta 10 I end up at the coast. I usually head toward Cannon Beach although I occasionally stop at the tourist filled Seaside.

The cute little coastal town is tucked away next to the shore with cafes, bookstores, and a Tuesday night farmers market. Someday I want a little getaway cabin there. A rainy day at Insomnia or Sea Level is my favorite.

I am usually at the beach alone because it tends to be a last minute escape decision.

I wrote all of the above months ago. I figured I should finish this post.

The most perfect day on the coast goes a little something like this:

Zipping on the winding road in the morning, coffee in hand and slow music. I am still waking up. When I arrive I head straight to Sea Level, I recently learned their baked goods are to die for, but I am mostly just there for the coffee. I walk down onto the beach – maybe run a bit. There is something about the way the wind runs through your hair – the ocean stretching out father than you can see, it just makes me feel weightless. I love to wander around in the little shops and usually end up adding a book to my collection of things I need to read.

After being on the beach for awhile I love to go into the trees. Rain or shine (usually rain) finding a trail is the best way to fill up the afternoon. I prefer ones that end with a view of the coast but that isn’t always the case. After a hike or a trail run, I always end up chasing the sunset. Just moments before it drops out of view I am running out on the coast, the sky full of warm colors. The temperature always drops quickly, and if I am alone, I find a cozy place to warm up or I head back to the city. With friends we might head to a pub or start a fire near the beach.

The coast had become my place to escape.

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