Hipsters. Coffee. Footy. 

Sounds about like Portland doesn’t it? Well don’t worry I’ll write a post about that soon. For now I am just going mention what my life consisted of in Melbourne. 

Timeout. Just have to say Melbourne is officially my second favorite city in the entire world (so far). I almost put it above Portland but I just can’t. Portland will always be #1. Loyalty.

Anyways, here’s what I did in Melbourne. 

  • Coffee
  • Coffee 
  • Coffee 
  • Coffee 
  • Coffee 
  • Coffee
  • Coffee
  • Coffee
  • Coffee
  • Coffee

Yeah so, I was there for ten days and that’s what I did everyday. That’s it. I’m satisfied.

I could stop there because that’s almost all I did. But I suppose I should mention a couple more things simply for the sake of finishing out my journal. 

Melbourne is an incredible city. The buildings are beautifully designed, the colors are phenomenal, the public transport is brilliant. Let’s be honest, I’m quite keen on moving to Melbourne for a couple of years in the future.


I arrived in Melbourne and headed to Sandeep’s place. (A girl I met in Sydney from Canada that goes to law school in Melbourne). She offered for me to sleep at her place for the duration of my stay. So nice. 

My journaling in Melbourne was all over the place and honestly I mostly just spent my time at cafes so this post is going to be a little different. I’m going to write out of order on topics of things I did. (That was a nice sentence I should be a writer) 

  • First things first, coffee. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming.)

Okay so here’s the thing. I’m just going to say the coffee in Melbourne is fabulous. You can find an amazing shop on every block. Which is exactly why I am stopping there. I’ll soon be writing a post dedicated to coffee so I don’t need to blab about that here.

  • Next, footy.

The best part about this was that the first match I went to I had no idea what sport I was going to see. I was so confused. And I am sure most of you are too. What the heck is ‘footy’?

It’s Australian Football. The rest of the world didn’t quite pick up on it but that’s okay.

I love finding sporting events while traveling and I kept hearing hype on the footy in Australia so as soon as I got to Melbourne I bought myself a ticket. 

On game day I walked an hour to the stadium and saw 100s of fans flocking in with their fan scarves. I happened to be wearing black, white, and blue which was one of the teams, Collingwood’s, colors. I would be their fan for the day. 


The Australian football leagues is awesome. I love American football but this was so different. It was so fast paced. A mix of kicking, bouncing, and passing the ball. The athletes were so talented. I was at a rival match so the energy was intense and I had so much fun. My team lost unfortunately. 

I enjoyed it so much that I bought a ticket for the next weekend. I love going to sporting events alone. I have so much fun. And I know I’m weird. 

The second match I went to was at a different stadium, right next to where I was staying. 

I was next to an old man from holland at the game and an old couple was behind me. It was so fun cheering with them. Die hard fans. (By old I mean like 75 year olds)

  • Brighton Beach

The beaches in Melbourne are fairly cold and shelly but still incredible.

After taking the train to Brighton (which was sketchy) I had the whole beach to myself. I read my book for awhile before walking over to the bathing boxes. This area was filled with people.

There are just a ton of bright boxes on the beach. 

I need to live in one of these. I decided each family member has to get one and we can hibernate there for the winter. 

I wandered the streets of Brighton for the afternoon and went into a ton of cute little shops. Exciting stuff. 

  • Queen Victoria Market

This should actually be called the Made in China market. If was full of little tourist traps with Chinese made souvenirs. Still sort of fun to wander through the aisles and I don’t know what I’m complaining about because I was actually there three times. 

  • Hillsong Church – Melbourne 

I went to church on Sunday evening. It was taking place on the campus due to the usual location being occupied by the comedy festival. 

The wordship was incredible. And it kept going. Songs kept playing. I found out that it was actually a worship night. It turned out to be so powerful. I was able to overcome and leave behind a lot of messes in that building that night. I wish I could describe the feeling of lightness I had walking out those doors but wow. Just so thankful that I happened upon something I needed more than I realized.

  • Ligon Street (that could be wrong)

We went to this Italian inspired street for dinner one evening and it was so much fun. Every restaurant has people outside trying to convince you to come eat at their restaurant and offering you free stuff. Snazzy little evening. 

  • Comedy Festival

The comedy festival was in town and we decided to check out a show. We ended up seeing an English comedian whose style was quite unique. 

I’m still not so sure how much I really enjoyed it. It was more of a performance of himself. He didn’t do observational comedy. It was still a fun experience. 

  • The postcard 

Here’s the deal. If you look back at my Canterbury post I mentioned sending a postcard. Well the individual received it and uh said yes. (This is insider info. Sorry people) all you need to know is that this is happy news. YES 

  • Everything else

This post was so boring. Honestly we had a lot of Gossip Girl Netflix nights with additional pizza orders. We started a horror film at 4:30 am. I went on runs. I walked EVERYWHERE. I ate the best gelato of my entire life. I listened to a lot of street artists perform. And again, I drank a lot of coffee. 

Melbourne was absolutely incredible. Hopefully I’m able to capture it in my next couple of posts. I’m in love with the city

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