New York

So here’s the deal, I had this really brilliant idea while backpacking. I decided that even through my funds were dropping rapidly and I was wandering around with no source of income, I would book a round trip ticket to New York City to help my friend Kassala move a couple of weeks after I returned. Worth it.

When you’re in a time zone that is 10 hours different than your friend and living out of a tent, finding a time and enough wifi to book plane tickets together isn’t as easy. We made it work.

Okay rewind – I am back in Montana, it’s the night before my trip to New York with Kassala. As we were casually discussing flights we realized that we would be leaving Montana and arriving in New York at the same time but we were on different flights. Nice. We both had two layovers and hours of waiting and only our first flight would be together. Pretty awesome. (we suck)


Anyways – fast forward to the actual trip. We arrived in New York way too early in the morning with a night of waking up every 5 minutes on the flight. We were pretty excited to be in New York but my goodness were we grumpy.

We bought the wrong ticket for the subway and got a ticket that we had to pay, then had to walk a billion miles with Kassala’s 230581lbs of luggage and we were sweating to death. Yikes.

Things could only go up from there. Turns out we had a pretty awesome time in New York.

Kassala couldn’t move into her new Brooklyn apartment for the first 5 days that we were in New York so we slept on a lot of random floors..



insane cab driver – he wanted to kassala to pay his phone bill then tried to kick us out of the cab with a giant IKEA plant.

A few of the many fun parts of New York are documented below:


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
wandering in the city.
Trying to find Dan Humphrey but…
DNCE and Selena Gomez with Ashley


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Brooklyn Bridge + a billion miles of daily walking
city views
When you’re trying to have fun but your friends just want to charge their phones..
And… cute little streets with my favorite person.

New York is city with life happening 20x faster than you can go, it’s pretty incredible. It’s a concrete jungle that I am happy to visit but happy to leave – always wishing Kassala still lived in Portland.

More posts to come soon.


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